Sony releases experimental Firefox OS ROM for Xperia E

Posted: February 28, 2013 in All category


Just days after it announced plans of developing Firefox OS based mobile phones with Telefonica, Sony has released an experimental ROM for its Xperia E Android smartphone. The ROM can be installed by developers and enthusiasts, and Sony wants to gauge the progress made by the Firefox OS, get feedback from developers, and reach out to the them so that they can start developing applications for the OS.

Sony has made available details about the Firefox OS and the procedure to flash the experimental ROM on the Xperia E on one of its developer pages. To install the OS, developers need to unlock the boot loader of the phone and flash the ROM using a tool available on Sony’s Developer World website. They can switch back to Android using the same tool.

It’s worth pointing out that the experimental ROM doesn’t support radio connectivity available, so you won’t be able to make calls with the phone or connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth after flashing the ROM. Due to that this software has not passed certification and type approval. Touch sensitivity is also not fully calibrated which means that the phone might not respond well to touch actions. Sony also warns that the functionality of the SD card in the phone might be unstable. So, use this at your own risk.


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