Adobe’s Flash Professional Gets Improved Support For HTML5 Publishing, Real-Time Mobile Testing And A New Code Editor

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Adobe, Technology

20130507-094355.jpg. Flash may be dead, but Adobe’s Flash Professional
has already gone beyond just being a Flash tool and
it’s getting a major update today. The new version,
Adobe says, has been “rebuilt from the ground up to
be faster, modular, extensible, reliable, more focused
and more efficient than before.” That’s quite a promise, but new version does indeed sport quite a
few new features and improvements. The company has re-engineered Flash Professional
as a 64-bit application, which should make it more
stable and allow users to easily manage multiple large
files. The app, which Adobe says is now far more
responsive, now also allows Flash developers to
export their content in high definition video and audio,
“all without dropping frames.” The tool now also sports a streamlined user interface
to make dialog boxes and panels more intuitive.
Users can now also choose between a dark or light
interface. With this new version, Adobe is introducing enhanced
HTML5 support – something most of us probably
don’t think about when we hear the word “flash.” The
enhanced HTML publishing support now uses the
updated Toolkit for CreateJS, meaning the service
now features new functionality for buttons, hit areas and motion curves. Also new in this version is support for real-time
mobile testing. Developers can now test and debug
their content by connecting multiple iOS and Android
devices to their computers via USB and quickly see
how their designs work on a real device. Other new features include a more powerful code
editor, which uses the Scintilla library. This new
editor, the company says, will allow users to search
across multiple files and features a new “find and
replace” panel. Also new are code profiling in Adobe
Scout, a real-time drawing tool, and an unlimited size for Flash Professional’s pasteboard.


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