Microsoft Says It Has Sold More Than 100M Windows 8 Licenses, 250M App Downloads In Last 6 Months, Blue Coming “Later This Year”

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Microsoft, Technology
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20130507-203611.jpg. By most accounts, Windows 8 isn’t all that popular,
but according to Microsoft’s latest numbers, the
company has now sold more than 100 million copies
of the latest version of its desktop operating system.
In January, the last time Microsoft provided updated
numbers for Windows 8, the company said that it had passed the 60 million mark. Windows 8 users are also
getting used to using the Windows Store, it seems,
as the total number of downloads for the first six
months has now passed 250 million. The number of apps in the store, Microsoft’s CFO and
CMO Tami Reller said in a canned interview with
Microsoft communications manager Brandon LeBlanc
today, has increased 6x since launch and 90% of the
apps are downloaded at least once every month.
Given that the Store didn’t have all that many apps in it when Windows 8 launched, a 6x increase doesn’t
sound all that big, but Reller argues that this means
Windows 8 has “already passed what iOS had in
store, in its first year of app development.” Earlier
today, Microsoft also said that SkyDrive now has
more than 250 million active customers. Windows Blue: Coming “Later This Year” While Microsoft has long acknowledged that the next
version of Windows has the codename “Windows
Blue” and various leaks have already revealed many
of its features, the company has never announced a
roadmap for Blue. In today’s “interview,” Keller said
that Blue will be available “later this year, building on the bold vision set forward with Windows 8 to deliver
the next generation of tablets and PCs.” Blue she
said, “will deliver the latest new innovations across an
increasingly broad array of form factors of all sizes,
display, battery life and performance, while creating
new opportunities for our ecosystem.” Blue, she also noted, is an opportunity for Microsoft to respond to
feedback from its customers (who all seem to be
clamoring for the return of the Start menu). With Microsoft Build at the end of June, chances are
we will hear quite a bit more about Blue at that time,
so it’s probably a fair guess that “later this year”
refers to the late summer.


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