Samsung Has Acquired MOVL To Build Out Better Multiscreen Mobile And TV Apps

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Samsung, Technology

20130507-093238.jpg. Over the last few years, Samsung has been working
hard on building technology to improve the
communication between its connected TVs and
mobile devices, whether they be iOS or Android
phones or tablets. Well, the company has acquired
MOVL, a startup that should provide even more help in that category. MOVL is the maker of the API platform,
which lets developers create apps to connect TVs via
the cloud, as well as mobile phones on home
networks. The platform was fully launched last fall,
after a year-and-a-half that the MOVL team spent
building the system. A representative from MOVL confirmed the
acquisition with the following statement: “In April 2013, two years after inception, MOVL has
officially joined forces with Samsung. We are now a
part of Samsung Electronics, and we are excited to
combine our multi-screen capabilities with Samsung’s
scale and innovation in its device ecosystem.” MOVL has been working on the Samsung connected
TV platform for a while now. The startup was one of
the first winners of Samsung’s Connected TV
developer contests, with its WeDraw app. WeDraw
enabled users to draw images through an app on their
mobile phones or tablets, and have those illustrations be displayed on a Samsung TV. But since then, MOVL has become even more
ambitious, seeking to not only connect users of
Samsung TVs and their mobile devices, but also to
provide a singular platform upon which developers
could build apps for multiple TV systems. Its interface works with both Samsung and Google TV devices, as well as iOS and Android
phones and tablets. But it was working on integration with other smart TV
platforms as well. The idea was to provide one
connective tissue for all phones and connected TVs,
and it had six other platforms in the pipeline for later
this year. It’s not clear if Samsung will continue to allow MOVL
to develop for multiple TV platforms, or if it’s just
hoping to leverage the development platform for its
own devices. The MOVL team has joined Samsung
Electronics, and will be working out of the device
maker’s San Jose offices. In addition to the startup’s 10 employees, Samsung also gets the technology
platform it’s built out, as well as a couple of patents


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