The Onion’s Suspected Twitter Hack Reveals The Syrian Electronic Army’s Morbid Humor

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Technology

20130507-101728.jpg. The Syrian Electronic Army has apparently hacked
The Onion’s twitter account, exposing the groups
seriously morbid sense of “humor”. “UN retracts report
of Syrian chemical weapon use: “Lab tests confirm it
is Jihadi body odor”, went one tweet. We’ve seen fake hacks before, and given that The
Onion is a satirical news site, it was hard to know
whether this “hack” was just another tasteless ploy for
attention. As of about 45 minutes ago (11:15 PT), all
of the suspected tweets have been erased. So, either
it was a legit hack or The Onion editorial board had a change of heart. The Syrian Electronic Army has been on a
cyberwarfare tear, including a false tweet about an
explosion at the White House from the AP twitter
account, which caused a brief dip in the stock
market. Twitter is reportedly implementing a more secure two-
step verification to make it harder for cybercriminals
to infiltrate accounts. Clearly, it can’t come fast
enough. We’ve included a screenshot of the tweets below.


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