Path Inks Partnership With Sprint To Be Featured App On Three New Devices

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Technology

Path hasn’t had a particularly smooth road in terms of
PR lately, but today brings some good news from the
social networking app. Path will announce today that its app will be built in
for one-touch downloading as a featured app on
several new Sprint devices: The Samsung Galaxy
S4, HTC One and Torque. The app will be featured
along with a handful of others that have been selected
for Sprint’s “Discover-it” widget. A Path spokesperson would not provide details about
how long the Sprint partnership will last, or any
financial terms associated with the deal. In a
statement, Sprint’s product VP Kevin McGinnis
indicated that there’s more to come: “Sprint and Path are finding ways to collaborate to
enhance our customers’ experience. This is a first
step. We’re excited to work with a mobile-first, best-
in-class design company like Path.” For years, Path as an app and its founder, Facebook
alum Dave Morin, have been known quite well within
tech-savvy circles, but at the moment the company is
focusing on more widespread growth. This could be a
key introduction to a more mainstream audience that
might not have otherwise sought out and downloaded Path on the Google Play store. Now, it also bears mention that moves like this aren’t
all that’s necessary for app success — it was almost
exactly a year ago that the now-defunct Color inked a
big partnership to come pre-loaded on all Verizon
devices, for example. But then again, many app-
device partnerships, such as the one Twitter formed with Apple back in 2011, have been major wins. Either way, for now it’s clear that Path, which has a
user base that’s currently reportedly adding 1 million
users per week, continues to be focused on more
growth and is inking big partnerships to do so.

  1. bbom says:

    rock on! i love this stuff. bbom bbom bbom bbom bbom

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