“In The Studio,” ScaleArc’s Varun Singh Builds Database Infrastructure From India And The Valley

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Enterprise, GT, Opinion, Startup

This is the penultimate episode of “In The Studio.”
The show, which features developers and
entrepreneurs working on enterprise technology, will
be ending. This week’s guest is Varun Singh, CEO
and founder of ScaleArc, a young startup that began
in India but registered as a U.S. company with designs to expand to this country once it got off the
ground in Mumbai. ScaleArc operates in the space of
database infrastructure and sits between apps and
database services — what Singh calls as SQL/
NoSQL hybrid. Whereas Amazon Web Services
would require integration and does not allow for multiple masters across multiple zones, ScaleArc
offers a more distributed approach, especially in an
age when certain sites (such as gaming portals)
cannot afford even the slightest cloud outage. In this short video, Singh and I discuss a range of
topics that would be of interest to technical founders,
especially those living outside the U.S. First, Singh
incorporated in Delaware but founded his company in
India. Technical talent is cheaper in India, and this
allows his team to have more iterative cycles, whereas in the Valley, his runway would have been
cut from 2.5 years to maybe a year. Singh then
started shuttling back and forth between India and the
Valley, and found that as long as he could give
potential customers the right to try before they
bought, the customers didn’t care where the company was located or headquartered. This is a trend I’m
seeing on the enterprise technology and SaaS space,
where foreign companies are now coming to the
Valley and actually disrupting what the Valley
considers to be upstarts.


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