Kids’ Programming Tool Scratch Now Runs In The Browser

Posted: May 10, 2013 in GT

As a parent of three technically savvy kids I find it
disturbing that we haven’t even “scratched” the
surface of Scratch, an amazing, object-oriented
programming language from the MIT Media
Lab’sLifelong Kindergarten Group. That may change,
however, as it’s much easier to get started in Scratch thanks to a new release of the platform that lives
entirely in the browser. You can try the programming language here and the
new version allows for webcam interaction with the
on-screen sprites and you can now add vector-based
graphics that will scale without losing resolution. You
can also create your own programming “blocks” and
add new logic to your programs or games. The new interface is similar to the old, desktop-based
system except it’s a bit simpler and you can store
your programs on your computer and then upload
them anywhere. A “backpack” will hold objects from
one project to the next so you can bring sprites and
backgrounds with you to new games. Everything runs smoothly right in the browser. You can see a Scratch-
generated tour of 2.0 here or you can just start
playing. The platform is great for kids of all ages and it’s a far
sight better than most early computer education
which consists mostly of typing tutorials and
Microsoft Office lessons. If you’re looking for a STEM
star and not a cubicle drone, this is the platform for


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