Samsung Prepares A Phone For Every Feature As The Galaxy S4 Zoom Shows Up At Bluetooth SIG

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Gadgets, GT, Mobile, Samsung, Technology
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Samsung is in a unique position among Android
smartphone manufacturers, which allows it to create
devices like the Galaxy S4 Zoom, a rumored S4
variant that showed up for certification at the
Bluetooth SIG this week (via UnwiredView) as the
“SM-C101.” The S4 Zoom is reportedly going to resemble the unreleased S4 Mini, but boast a 16
megapixel rear camera with optical zoom. Optical zoom is really the one remaining advantage
that point and shoot cameras have over smartphone
shooters, at least from a hardware perspective. Other
companies, including LG and Huawei have been
working on building smartphone optical zoom tech,
too, but if Samsung brings this one to market with its rumored 10x zoom, it’ll be the strongest one currently
available, beating the Nokia 808 PureView’s measly
3X power. Samsung has the luxury of experimenting with
different form factors, and using its flagship branding
to offer a range of devices that potentially cut off
competitors by giving users a complete device to
match ever competitive advantage. Like the S4 but
want a more manageably sized screen like on the iPhone 5? Get the S4 mini. Like the S4 but want
something a little better able to withstand the
environment and harsh conditions like the Xperia Z?
Get the rumored rugged S4 variant. Want an S4 but
with the best smartphone camera in the business,
which exceeds even Nokia’s most ambitious efforts? Get the S4 Zoom. Samsung’s lineup variety strategy may be more about
blocking the competition and casting a wide net than
anything else, but a big zoom on a mobile camera will
have a lasting effect on the industry if it goes over
well and produces impressive results. More
importantly, it could bring about even bigger changes for the dwindling standalone point-and-shoot camera
market, which means other smartphone OEMs won’t
be the only ones watching to see if and when the
Galaxy S4 Zoom makes a splash, which could
happen as early as June according to release date


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