Yahoo’s Acqui-Hire Spree Continues With Mobile Gaming Startup Loki Studios

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Gaming, GT, Mobile, Startup
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Yahoo has just been gobbling up startups. In the last
week or so, it has announced the acquisition of
Astrid, GoPollGo, and Milewise. In fact, in a tweet
today, Yahoo said that it has “added 22 entrepreneurs
to our growing mobile team,” thanks to the three
aforementioned companies — plus a mobile gaming startup called Loki Studios. I’ve reached out to both Yahoo and Loki Studios for
details about the deal, but the news seems to be
confirmed on the Loki website, where the front page
currently announces that the team is joining Yahoo: It has been a difficult but immensely rewarding
journey. We collaborated closely with an incredibly
supportive community to continuously iterate and
improve upon [Loki Sutdios’ game] Geomon. We were
fortunate to have been advised by some of the best
mentors in the industry and befriended many of our peers along the way. We surmounted immense
obstacles, formed tightknit bonds, and worked
through a few too many sunrises. Now, our journey continues. We are thrilled to be
joining the exceptional folks at Yahoo!. We believe
fully in their commitment to creating outstanding
mobile products. We are excited to learn from, work
with, and contribute to one of the most well-known
pioneers of the tech industry. The note is signed by seven Loki team members, so
it sounds like they’re all joining Yahoo. The startup had backing from DCM’s Android-focused
fund and it was also part of the inaugural class at the
StartX incubator for the Stanford community. It’s not clear whether Yahoo will actually be doing
anything with Loki’s technology, but in case you’re
curious, the company says it was working on
location-based games, starting with its title Geomon.
The idea is to incorporate data about the user’s
location — “including the weather, temperature, time of day, season, and geographic region” — into the
game: “Therefore, playing our game on the beach on
a warm, sunny day provides a different game
experience from playing at home in the city on a cold,
winter’s night.” Update: Yahoo just sent me a statement announcing the deal. Today we welcomed Loki Studios to the Yahoo!
mobile team. Their experience in community and
location-based mobile services is impressive and
we’re excited to have them on the team. The company said that it’s not disclosing the terms of
the deal, and that Geomon will be shut down.


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