Clever Party Playlist App Anthm Evolves Into Jukio After Legal Woes

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Apps, GT, Mobile
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After a legal kerfuffle with the band Rush’s
management company (no, seriously), the team at
Anthm saw their social playlist app get
unceremoniously booted from Apple’s App Store. So
what’s a down-on-their-luck team of app creators to
do? Why, give the app a bunch of new features, a mild facelift, and a new name — Jukio — before
pushing it into the wild again. In case you missed it back when it had a different
name, Jukio is an iOS app that lets guests and
partygoers choose exactly what they want to hear
when the host just can’t be bothered. Setup is dead-
simple — one iDevice running Jukio gets hooked up
to the sound system, while guests who have the app installed can make requests from a connected
streaming music service like Rdio and vote up
inspired suggestions to create a party playlist. One of the neatest things about Jukio though is that
you’re not limited to making suggestions at whatever
shindig you’re currently attending. As always, half the
fun comes from crashing other people’s remote,
unprotected party rooms and cramming the playlist
with inappropriate tunes. The beauty of the system is that other users can downvote other people’s choices,
which unsurprisingly happened to me just about every
time I suggested they listen to William Shatner’s
stirring spoken word cover of She Blinded Me With Science. Philistines. So what’s changed over the past year? For one, Jukio
finally supports a service other than Rdio — co-
founder Ben Myers told us all the way back in
February 2012 that the four-person team was working
to expand that list of sources, and they announced
via blog post the other day that Spotify support has finally been added to the proverbial mix. Throw in the
ability for Jukio to run in the background (which I’m
surprised didn’t make it into the app any sooner), and
access to Rdio and Spotify’s Heavy Rotation sections
for easier song selection, and you’ve got yourself a
pretty neat party tool. Sadly, some things haven’t changed since Anthm
first hit the App Store all those months ago. The team
hasn’t yet made good on their promise to bring Jukio
to other platforms for instance, but that could change
shortly. There’s still no word on an Android version of
the app, but Myers says that a cross-platform HTML5 version is in the works, as is a “Listen With” feature
that will let users listen in on Jukio parties across the
globe instead of just trolling them from afar.


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