Flipboard Updates iOS App, Now Lets You Share Your Custom Magazine About Boats And Hoes With Friends

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Apps, GT, IOS, Mobile, Social, Startup, Technology
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Flipboard has just updated its iOS app to add a few
more features for its 50 million+ readers. Back in
March, Flipboard announced a new feature that would
include user-created magazines, which seems to
have excited Flippers. In fact, the company announced that users have
already created 500,000 curated magazines. Like
ours. That said, today’s update to version 2.0.2 brings with
it a new Friends category in the Content Guide,
allowing users to easily find their friends’ magazines.
But it goes beyond that. Flipboard has even added
new profile pages that have a better insight into
readership and curation activities. Past that, version 2.0.2 also offers better sharing.
You can select a social network and use various
sharing options in the revamped sharing menu, and
you can also shoot off stories via SMS. You can even save images from Flipboard direct to
your device now, as the update allows users to save
to camera roll as an option within the share menu. Last, but certainly not least, Flipboard is hooking up
Google Reader users with one last hurrah. The
Flipboard 2.0.2 app for iOS has just received
improved navigation for Reader RSS folders as well.
Unfortunately, Google Reader will die a quiet, sad
death on July 1. Still, Flipboard continues to grow as the social news
consumption space gets even hotter. Along with the
newly launched magazines feature, the company has
also been working to implement new features via a
partnership with Samsung. Flipboard comes pre-
installed on the new Galaxy S4, and even has Samsung’s AirView feature integrated, letting you
peek into all the headlines of a certain category
without ever clicking through. Or even touching the
display. If you’re interested in Flipboard 2.0.2, head on over to
the App Store.

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