Nokia Teases New Lumia’s Camera In Prime Time TV Ad, Ahead Of “See What’s Next” London Event On Tuesday

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Europe, GT, Mobile, Nokia

Nokia has run a TV advert teasing a new Lumia
device it’s widely expected to unveil at an event in
London on Tuesday. The advert ran during a prime
time evening slot on Channel 4, during a screening of
The Inbetweeners movie. The teaser advert focused
on the camera of an unnamed new Lumia smartphone, with close up shots of the lens and
flash, and the words “more than your eyes can see”
and “the new Nokia Lumia is coming”. Nokia sent out invites to “see what’s next” as “the
Lumia story continues” last month, ahead of the May
14th event. Last week the mobile maker unveiled a
new flagship smartphone for the U.S. on Verizon,
unboxing the Lumia 928 — a device that had been
widely leaked ahead of its official launch, including by Nokia who published a camera comparison with the
Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. It also took the wraps off an
update to its Asha range: the Series 40-based $99
Asha 501 is the first device to run Nokia’s new Asha
touchscreen UI. With recent updates at both the bottom and top of its
mobile ranges, speculation about what it will show at
Tuesday’s event has run the gamut from the
rumoured ‘true PureView’ EOS device, to its first
phablet and possibly even the long rumoured leap
(back) into tablets. Judging by today’s teaser the EOS device looks to be the most likely candidate for
unboxing on Tuesday. As well as the camera lens, the teaser appeared to
show a device with metallic trim or a metal casing.
The EOS device has previously been rumoured to
have an aluminium casing, rather than the
polycarbonate/plastic Nokia has used on all other
Lumias to-date. Nokia’s original PureView smartphone, the Symbian-
based 808 PureView, had a 41 megapixel camera —
something Nokia has not recreated on its Lumia
Windows Phone-based line, despite repurposing the
PureView branding for its flagship 920. It will certainly
be interesting to see where Nokia takes the Windows Phone lens next, and whether it can bring the full
41MP PureView experience to the platform. Update: Nokia’s camera teaser was followed in the second ad break by a lengthy Vodafone iPhone ad,
focusing on the iPhone’s camera and various camera
apps. Someone in the Channel 4 ad sales department
has clearly been busy.


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