Bing Improves Its People Search With Autosuggest

Posted: May 14, 2013 in GT
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Bing recently introduced its updated people search
feature and today, Microsoft is adding a few
improvements to its people search that will make it
even easier to find information about celebrities,
politicians, athletes and many people with public
LinkedIn profiles. Bing’s search box now auto- suggests names as you type. Because many people
share the same name, this also means that it’s now
easier to tell Bing who exactly you are looking for
before you even hit the return key. According to the Bing team, about 10 percent of
searches on Bing are currently about people. This
makes it the second most important search category
on the service, right after navigational queries. Microsoft has invested heavily in improving its people
search and other semantic search features on the
site, which now compete directly with Google’s
Knowledge Graph. Bing’s Satori Entity Engine powers
all of these features, which are typically revealed in
Bing’s Snapshots bar (that is, in between the regular web links on the left and the social sidebar on the
right). In many ways, Satori’s mission is akin to Google’s
Knowledge Graph, as it aims to help Microsoft
understand more about the world. As Microsoft’s
director of online services Stefan Weitz told me when
the company released its last update to Satori,
Google’s Knowledge Graph is a “kick-ass encyclopedia,” but Bing wants to go a step further and
make all of this information “actionable.” This new update, Microsoft notes in today’s
announcement, was co-developed by its Search
Technological Center (STC-E) in London in close
collaboration with the User Experience team in
Bellevue, Wash.


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