Facebook’s Longtime Communications Director Larry Yu Departs To Join Upstart PR Firm Pramana

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Facebook, GT

Larry Yu, the public relations executive who has
headed up Facebook’s corporate communications
operation for five years and helped steer the company
through the publicity blitz surrounding its IPO, is
leaving the social networking company. He
announced his departure this morning in a post on Facebook, writing: “Nearly five years ago, I joined some friends at a
privately-held company called Facebook to help a
small team scale and expand upon the company’s
story. That journey was, in a word, crazy. And fun.
Terrifying. And gratifying. So I’m off to do it again. I’m
joining my friends Brandee, Brian and Sean to help build The Pramana Collective, a project-focused
communications consultancy that works with cool
companies.” Yu is not the only tech PR big wig on the roster at the
Pramana Collective, which first emerged earlier this
spring. The Brandee he refers to above is of course
Brandee Barker, who headed up Facebook PR from
2006 to 2010; Brian is Brian O’Shaughnessy, who
previously led communications at Skype after four years at Google; and Sean is Sean Garrett, who
previously headed up PR at Twitter. Sean Garrett wrote in a post on his personal blog that
Yu will be joining Pramana as a partner next month,
and added a few details on the specialties he’ll be
bringing to the firm: “Brian, Brandee and I have all worked with Larry in the
past, and we know that his close-to-20 years of
experience is a perfect fit for The Pramana Collective
and our clients. Beyond being a thoughtful guy who is
universally liked and respected, Larry knows how to
navigate companies through chaotic growth stages with confidence and calm. And we all admire how he
makes financials, process and operations look easy,
maybe even fun (well, almost).” It’s a loss for Facebook, to be sure, but a big gain for
the startup world. We’ll certainly be watching to see
how Pramana shapes the conversation as it takes on


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