Google Launches Android Studio And New Features For Developer Console, Including Beta Releases And Staged Rollout

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Google, GT, Mobile
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Today, during Google’s I/O developer conference, the
company announced a group of tools for app
developers, including a new developer suite called
Android Studio. It’s an IDE based on IntelliJ. This was a popular announcement, as the crowd
“ooh’d” and “ahh’d” as screenshots were shown on
stage. This tool has more options for Android Development,
making the process faster and more productive. A
“live layout” was shown that renders your app as
you’re editing in realtime. Additionally, you can switch over to different layouts
and screen sizes, such as 3.7 inch phone and 10-inch
tablet. The team noted that this might be useful for
internationalization, allowing you to quickly see what
things look like without having to package up your
app and install it on a device. The company says that it has “big plans” for Android
Studio. Developer Console Updates and Beta/
Staged Rollouts After the Studio announcement, new features to help
developers get their apps in the hands of beta testers
were announced. This is something that hasn’t been
easy before, but the console now lets you manage
both beta users and a staged rollout process. Ellie Powers, Product Manager at Google, shared
these new features, including ways to make money.
The console will now have optimization tips, such as
assistance for translation. The app translation service
allows you to get professional translations directly in
developer consoles; just select russian – it will show a list of different translation vendors, then Google will
play middle man. Your results will be delivered within
the console. You can invest in a campaign to promote your app
with new referral tracking. It will tell you where installs
are coming from, let you track effectiveness of each
referral channel and then what happens in the app
from the first time it’s opened on a device by a user.
Those usage metrics will also be show in the console.


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