SideCar Hires eBay Exec Gregory Boutte And Hulu Exec Rob Wong As It Looks To Accelerate Growth

Posted: May 15, 2013 in GT

Peer-to-peer ride sharing is one of the hottest — and
most controversial — markets in the current tech
startup world. And one leading player in the space,
SideCar, is looking to hit the gas pedal on its growth
amidst all the hubbub. The San Francisco-based SideCar announced today it
has hired two key tech executives to join the
company and focus on product development and
revenue generation: Gregory Boutte, most recently
VP of eBay’s electronics and motors divisions, is
joining SideCar as Chief Revenue Officer, and Robert Wong, most recently VP of product at Hulu, will serve
as SideCar’s EVP of product. In a post on SideCar’s company blog, CEO Sunil Paul
said the two new execs “will help us build our brand
visibility and prepare for global expansion.” In a
separate press statement, Paul had a couple more
comments about what each new hire brings to the
table: “Gregory has a reputation for leadership and
execution. His depth of experience in two-sided
marketplaces and international operations will be key
to Sidecar’s global acceleration. Robert is known in
the industry as a product executive with the strategic
and tactical expertise to take a breakthrough idea mainstream. Both these hires will play an essential
role as we grow our business and rideshare
community.” The company launched its service nearly one year
ago in June 2012. At the moment, SideCar has active
operations in eight markets — San Francisco,
Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Philadelphia, Chicago,
Boston, Brooklyn, and Washington, D.C. — and, like
other transportation apps, has battled its fair share of regulators along the way. There are certainly a lot of question marks about how
ride-sharing will evolve in the months and years
ahead, as local governments work out their responses
to the new transportation landscape. But the fact that
companies like SideCar continue to attract talent from
other established areas of the tech industry is a big vote of confidence that it’s a market that is here to

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