Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr And Evernote Apps Coming To Google Glass Today

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Google, GT
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Google announced a number of new partner apps
today on stage at Google I/O during the “Developing
for Glass” session. Facebook and Twitter were the
highlights of the list, which also included Evernote,
Tumblr, Elle and CNN, in addition to the previously
announced NYT and Path apps. The CNN app sends video to Glass via updates, and
streams news to a browsable feed. The Twitter app
provides your stream, as well as posting capabilities
and the power to snap photos from Glass and post
them direct to your stream. On stage, Glass
developer evangelist Timothy Jordan emphasized the DM capabilities on Twitter for Glass and how the
messages add to a thread that becomes a bundle on
Glass. Evernote on Glass holds true to its note-taking roll,
giving users the ability to have their notes shared to
Glass from the web or mobile apps. Content is
translated to simple text by the Glass service and
displayed as simple short paginated messages. Facebook on Glass essentially acts as a new photo
sharing tool, giving users a chance to immediately
post pics to their FB timeline, and to then add
captions and descriptions to those images via voice
input once they’re posted. The pics can be deleted
immediately if added by accident, and also shared either privately or with friends and the public. Jordan
described the simple sharing and annotation features
as exemplary of how a Glass experience should work. Elle provides snippets in the form of headlines to
make it easy to browse through at a glance, and you
can also add things to reading lists, or have articles
read aloud. For Elle, Jordan said it’s a good way to
funnel users to the main website later, and also a
means of providing them with info about what articles are proving most interesting to users.

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