Yahoo Partners With Twitter To Further Personalize Homepage Newsfeed

Posted: May 16, 2013 in GT, Mobile, Social
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Yahoo and Twitter have partnered to bring tweets
directly into Yahoo homepage’s newsfeed on web and
mobile, the company announced this morning. The
move follows the February relaunch of the front page.
At the time, the company debuted a redesigned
site with an increased emphasis on personalization, as well as a more modern design. The Twitter partnership expands upon this earlier
mission involving personalization – a key focus for
Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer – noting that Yahoo will
now ”seamlessly include relevant and personalized
tweets alongside stories from Yahoo! and our other
sources.” These tweets will now appear directly in the Yahoo
news feed, which offers an endlessly scrollable
stream of content, divided into sections like “All
Stories,” “News,” “Local,” “Entertainment,” “Sports”
and more. The headlines that come from Twitter
accounts will be indicated by referencing the source by its Twitter handle (e.g. “@ABCWorldNews” as
opposed to “ABC News”) and there will be “Follow”
buttons to the right of the stories, allowing users to
click to add the news organization to their Twitter
feeds. “Updates direct from politicians, celebrities, media
outlets, and other publishers have become an
important source of real-time news and information,”
Mayer explained in the official announcement today.
“140 characters can connect athletes with their fans,
capture live chatter from the red carpet, and inspire global debate.” Though the post did not detail how the addition of
tweets specifically ties into Yahoo’s overarching
personalization goals, that refers directly to changes
that took place following the homepage revamp earlier
this year. The front page’s selection of news articles
now starts out as a generic grouping of stories, but as users click on content that interests them, the site
adapts. The more it learns about a user’s interests,
the more relevant and personalized the surfaced
stories become. (At least in theory). This technology
will now also apply to the tweets. Yahoo has been moving to reinvent itself under
Mayer’s leadership, gobbling up startups, paring down
its scattered lineup and launching well-received apps
like a revamped Flickr and its new Weather app for
iOS, the latter of which may be one of the highest
rated iPhone applications we’ve seen, with 4,206 5- star reviews out of 4,832 ratings. It’s worth noting, too, that the revamped Twitter-
powered homepage has a mobile component as well.
The update is rolling out to U.S. desktop and mobile
users over the next few days, the company says.

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