Apple Is Building A Beautiful New Store To Overshadow Microsoft In Palo Alto

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Apple, GT
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Apple is building a big, visually stunning store in the
Stanford shopping center. A few hundred yards from
the construction site sits a small, modest Apple
location. Last spring, Microsoft opened a flagship
spot right next to the small Apple store with a free
Maroon 5 concert. Whether for pure dollars and cents or for appearances
(maybe both), Apple has been very aggressive in
Palo Alto in the past couple of years. The company
had a very nice store on University Avenue in
downtown Palo Alto; in October 2012, they moved
down the street to an even bigger, more prominent location. Now, this new store in the Stanford shopping
center is supposed to become one of the company’s
flagship stores. We’re told that the company tests its retail products
at the Stanford Shopping Center and University
Avenue locations; when the company began offering
self checkout, the engineers who worked on the
project were in those stores testing the new systems.
This new flagship location offers enormous space for testing new retail products, and makes the nearby
Microsoft store an afterthought at best. Ifo Apple Store reports that the ”store design was
completed in 2011 by Apple’s long-time architectural
firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. It was approved by
Steve Jobs about six months before Tim Cook
assumed the position of CEO in August of that year.” The design for the store features a visually floating
roof and gives passerby’s wide angles to see the
storefront; a large stone wall will reportedly separate
the front of the store from the back (Image via Palo
Alto Online). The Palo Alto Online reports that construction is
happening seven days a week, usually beginning at 7
a.m. on the 12,000 square feet store. The Palo Alto
Online also reported that while initial estimates had
the store opening in November 2012, delays may be
due to “the sensitive glass design of the building.” Employees at the University Avenue Apple store told
TechCrunch that they don’t know when the Stanford
shopping center store will open; employees said that
some of them were only given two weeks notice in
October before they moved down the street to the
new University Ave. location. I checked out the construction myself, and the store
is impressive. While it looks months away from an
opening, it’s a massive space and the glass facade
will be a striking architectural accomplishment that
makes the store stand out even with impressive
neighbors. Less than two minutes after I started taking pictures
of the construction, a security guard told me to stop,
as taking pictures of any buildings or logos is ”against
their policy.” Never change, Palo Alto.

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