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An image of what is claimed to be a small component of the next generation iPhone’s motherboard has leaked online, giving rise to a new set of rumours surrounding Apple’s flagship smartphone.

The image was originally leaked by Japanese retailer Moumantai and published by French website, which said that the component is related to the iPhone’s camera as it was close to the front and rear camera, and that it looks different from how the same component looks in the iPhone 5. The website suggested Apple might be updating the camera in the next iPhone version, the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, or might be just using a different camera in case the component is part of the motherboard of a low priced version of the iPhone.

It’s worth pointing out that a previous report had suggested that the next generation iPhone could feature a 13-megapixel camera module and an improved flash module.

However, MacRumors got in touch with iFixit’s Miro Djuric who informed that the said component is related to the iPhone’s wireless antenna function but couldn’t confirm its specific role. iFixit tears down phones and reveals their hidden hardware.

The site mentions that the part shown in the picture also features an antenna connector, just like the part found in the iPhone 5. It adds that Apple has made a few changes to the layout of this part, but it’s still very similar to the component found in iPhone 5 and doesn’t suggest any major changes in the device where it will be used.

Previously, there have been a number of leaks related to new components, including that of a flex cable for the next iPhone’s home button and a second flex cable featuring the vibrator and volume/ mute controls.


Once again, news from a supplier is fueling rumors
about Apple’s future product roster. This time it’s
manufacturer Pegatron’s announcement that it will
increase its number of workers in China by up to 40
percent in the second half of this year. The hiring blitz
at the company, which produces iOS devices, has led to new round of speculation that a cheaper iPhone is
in the works. Suppliers have told Reuters that Apple is developing
a cheaper iPhone in order to target emerging markets
such as China and India. The less expensive version
of the smartphone is expected to launch by the third
quarter. Pegatron’s financial performance is closely tied to the
Apple products it makes. Just yesterday the
company forecast its biggest drop in consumer
electronics revenue in six quarters due to falling
demand for the iPad Mini. Pegatron said its second
quarter revenue will decrease 25 percent to 30 percent from the previous three months. Other signs that Pegatron is expecting orders for a
cheaper iPhone is chief financial officer Charles Lin’s
disclosure that more than 60 percent of the
company’s 2013 revenue will come from the second
half of the year. Pegatron president and chief
executive officer Jason Cheng said earlier this week that revenue from communication products will
contribute up to 40 percent to the total in second half
of 2013, compared to 24 percent in the first quarter. Apple CEO Tim Cook said last month that the
Cupertino company will start rolling out new products
this fall and throughout 2014, including devices in
“exciting new product categories.” Though its unclear
exactly what Apple will be unleashing in a few
months, many analysts believe that it will launch a cheaper iPhone instead of a larger-sized “phablet” that
would compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Note. A less expensive handset will allow Apple to compete
with cheaper devices running on Android in emerging
markets, but analysts’ opinions on how much of an
effect a less pricey iPhone would have on Apple’s
earnings vary widely. The company posted its first
year-over-year earnings decline since 2003 in the second quarter, reporting $43.6 billion in revenue (up
from $39.2 billion in the year-ago quarter) along with
$9.5 billion in quarterly net profit. Enders Analysis’ Benedict Evans said “a blockbuster
new Apple phone that almost doubles unit sales and
blows a hole in the middle of the Android market
might only add 5 percent to Apple’s gross profits.” On the other hand, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy
Huberty believes a cheaper version can potentially
add another 20 percent to the 10 percent market
share iPhone currently holds in China. “Even in a
scenario of low 40 percent gross margin and 1/3
iPhone cannibalization rate (flattening legacy iPhone shipment growth, which we view as conservative, the
iPhone Mini adds incremental revenue and gross
profit dollars,” she wrote in a recent investors note.

20130508-203811.jpg You know, it’s been a pretty good few days for the
(still mostly undercover) dudes behind Bang With
Friends, the Facebook-powered app that aims to help
you do exactly what its name implies. Just days after word trickled out that the service was
approaching its millionth user and that the team is
purportedly in the middle of raising a million bucks,
Bang With Friends has just launched its iPhone and
Android apps. If you’ve somehow missed all the Bang With Friends
commotion, here’s all you need to know: Bang With
Friends tries to help you find folks amongst your
Facebook social circle who share a common interest.
And by “common interest”, I mean a desire to shag
each other. Once you log in, you privately select which friends (male or female) you’d be down to, well,
bang. If the friends you’ve picked happen to pick you, as well, Bang With Friends will automatically connect
you two online so that you can in turn connect offline.
If there’s no match, however, no one is any the wiser. Until this morning’s launch, the service was pretty
much entirely web-only. Given the nature of the
service, it really makes a whole lot more sense as a
mobile app. Lets say you’re out on the town, hanging out with an
old friend. Maybe it’s the wind in their hair; maybe you
just never noticed how cute his or her laugh was
before. Either way, you’ve got some new funny
feelings rumblin’ down in the nethers. Before today, you really only had two options: you could try to woo them with a nice steak dinner, maybe some bowling, and a Taylor Swift album* playing back
at your place. Or you could wait ’till you got home and hope you remember to mark them as a would-be mate, fingers crossed that they use BWF as well. (* I mean, I assume that’s how you crazy swingin’
singles do things. I’ve been with the same girl for a
decade, I’ve got no damn idea how this stuff works
anymore. And yeah — even though I gave the
significant other a full heads up, testing this app felt
like tip-toeing through a friggin’ minefield.) With the new mobile apps, you could update BWF to
reflect your new found feelings on the go. Technology! The mobile apps bring over everything you’d expect
from the original web app, but it’s also got two new
features the team is testing: An Undo Button — It seems obvious, but there’s
previously been no way to deselect a friend once
you’ve declared yourself as DTF. With the mobile
app, you just tap the button a second time An “Up For Hang” button — interested in hanging out
with a certain someone, but maybe with, you know,
clothes on? They’re using the mobile app to test an
“Up For Hang”ing button that lets you indicate an
interest in someone while startin’ things in the
friendzone. (I think this is actually a bit of a misstep. Until now, the concept was very binary. You were
interested in certain things, or you weren’t. This…
complicates things.)
Surprised that Apple, occasionally known to be a bit
prudish with their App Store, decided to greenlight this
one? I am too, actually. Notice that the app actually has different names on each platform: on Android, it’s
goes by the ever-so-slightly more modest “BWF
(OFFICIAL)”. You can find the Android build here, and
the iPhone release here. (Heads up: if you’re searching the Android store
manually rather than following the above link, make
sure you’re downloading the official app. There are
about a half-dozen shady clones on the Play store.)