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If you own a Samsung Galaxy and are a Jay-Z fan,
then you will probably be happy to hear that Samsung
is giving away one million copies of “Magna Carta
Holy Grail” to owners of its flagship smartphone 72
hours before the album’s official debut on July 4. Jay-Z hinted at the endorsement deal on Sunday
when he appeared in a TV commercial during Game 5
of the NBA finals, along with Pharrell Williams and
producer Rick Rubin. The tagline was “The Next Big
Thing”–a teaser for the early release of “Magna Carta
Holy Grail” on Galaxy devices. Samsung bought 1 million copies of the album, which
is scheduled for release on July 4, to give to
Samsung Galaxy owners. The Wall Street Journal
reports that Samsung paid $5 each for the albums–
reaping Jay-Z $5 million for “Magna Carta Holy Grail”
before it even goes on sale. The deal is notable for a couple of reasons. First, it
could help Samsung further polish its image in the
U.S. as it continues its heated rivalry with Apple.
Though Samsung is the top smartphone seller in the
world, with a 28.8% percent share of the global
market according to IDC, iPhones continue to lead in the U.S. Samsung’s Galaxy series has performed
very well in the U.S., but the Korean company still
suffers from lingering perceptions that it’s just a
copycat thanks to the drawn-out Apple-Samsung legal
battles over patents. An endorsement deal with one of
the U.S.’s top rap artists may help Samsung gain more cred with consumers, especially younger ones. The deal may also help Samsung’s Music Hub, a
streaming music service available on Galaxy devices,
compete with Apple’s iTunes Radio, which will be
included with iOS devices and offer preview of tracks
before they are available elsewhere. If Samsung is
successful in building an attractive ecosystem for its mobile devices, that will help it retain consumers
even if the phablet frenzy slows down.


Samsung has confirmed via the Korean website
Chosun Ilbo that it has shipped over 6 million units of
the Galaxy S4 since its international release on April
26. According to the firm, this is the fastest ever sell
rate for a Galaxy S smartphone, or any other
Samsung smartphone for that matter. Specifically, the Galaxy S4 hit 4 million shipments
between April 26 (release date) and April 30, and had
reached 6 million units sold by May 10. For a little perspective, the Galaxy S sold 3 million
units in 85 days, while the Galaxy S2 took 55 days to
achieve the same feat, and the Galaxy S III hit the 3
million mark in just 21 days. An executive at the company told Chosun Ilbo the
following: “As of the end of April, we supplied four million
Galaxy S4 handsets to telecommunication operators
around the world. As of Friday, we have sold more
than 6 million units, and we predict that we could
break the 10-million mark by as early as the end of
this month.” It’s worth noting that these “sales” are to wireless
operators, and not direct to consumers. In other
words, Samsung has shipped 6 million units of the Galaxy S4 since April 26. Obviously, the Galaxy S line is selling notably well for
Samsung, and the progress from one generation to
the next is made clear by these figures. But even
though Samsung dominates the market right now, and
has a near-monopoly on Android, the iPhone is still
technically a faster selling phone than any of Samsung’s Galaxy models. Remember when the iPhone 5 launched? Apple
clocked over 2 million pre-orders for the latest-
generation iPhone in the first 24 hours it was
available. For pre-order. And where progress is concerned, the iPhone’s
popularity grows with each generation as well, and in
this case even faster than Samsung’s Galaxy S line.
iPhone 5 pre-orders were 2x the number of pre-orders
seen for the iPhone 4S. In either case, both companies are raking in the
dough with their flagship lines.

Samsung Electronics has developed core technology
that will allow it to deliver high-speed 5G wireless data
connections to consumers by 2020, the company
announced today. The system allows data
transmission up to several hundred times faster than
current 4G networks. 5G mobile communications technology is the next
generation of 4G LTE networks tech and can offer
data transmission speeds of up to several tens of
Gbps per base station. Once 5G networks are
commercialized, they will allow users to transmit
massive data files, including UHD movies and remote medical services, “practically without limitation,”
Samsung claims. 4G connections have gradually become available to
consumers around the world since 2008, but many
countries, including China, are still working toward
launching their LTE networks. Samsung says,
however, that its new adaptive array transceiver
technology overcomes the limitations that millimeter- wave bands had when transmitting data over long
distances. It transmits data in the millimeter-wave
band at a frequency of 28 GHz at a speed of up to
1.056 Gbps to a distance of up to 2 kilometers. “The millimeter-wave band is the most effective
solution to recent surges in wireless Internet usage.
Samsung’s recent success in developing the adaptive
array transceiver technology has brought us one step
closer to the commercialization of 5G mobile
communications in the millimeter-wave bands,” said Samsung executive vice president and head of digital
medial and communication R&D ChangYeong Kim. Samsung isn’t the only company to announce that it
has developed 5G core tech. In February, NTT
DoCoMo confirmed that it had successfully
conducted a 10Gbps wireless test.

Samsung is moving quickly to diversify its phone line,
with variants of the S4 popping out of the woodwork
left and right, including the Galaxy S4 Zoom, which
features a rumored 10x optical zoom on its rear
camera. Today the Galaxy S4 Active, a ruggedized,
smaller version of the flagship S4 has hit the Bluetooth Special Interest Group for certification,
which means it could be coming along shortly, too. The S4 Active is supposedly a water- and dust-
resistant phone designed for use with an active
lifestyle, or in outdoor conditions where generally
phones don’t fare very well. The S4 Active would
compete head-to-head with Sony’s latest lineup of
phones, including the Xperia ZR announced today, which is a smaller version of the Xperia Z with slightly
less impressive specs. It’s submersible in water for
up to 1.5 meters, however, which pits it against the
Active’s rumored feature set. Both the Active and the Zoom S4 variants remind me
of how companies are diversifying in another
crowded, near saturated market: point-and-shoot
cameras. Manufacturers regularly highlight the long
zoom and rugged versions of their devices, as these
are areas where consumers feel they need more than what’s available to them on the smartphone devices
they carry around every day. Manufacturers like Sony and Samsung moving in this
direction with their devices marks an attempt to
broaden their lineup’s appeal vs. other similar
competitors, but also encroaches on the territory of
single-purpose devices like the camera. And the
market is likely to get more crowded, not less, as Google has been teasing devices that can withstand
harsh environmental forces coming from its Motorola
acquisition, through executive statements. I said previously that Samsung is essentially
preparing a phone for every feature to compete with
any unique advantage its rivals may try, and the S4
Active is definitely that. But these variant devices
also have the potential to act as advance market
research for tech that can be adopted back into a flagship device: if any is particularly successful, it
provides a roadmap for Samsung about what will draw
customers to the S5 or beyond. The S4 Active getting its Bluetooth certification
means it’s likely to get a consumer reveal before too
long, so we should see exactly how far Samsung has
taken the rugged phone concept soon.

Anupam Saxena, May 09, 2013



Samsung is expected to launch a number of smartphones under the umbrella of its Galaxy S4 smartphone, and even before the company officially announces them a new report reveals the release timeline of these phones.

Samsung focused blog SamMobile has got hold of an official list from insiders that has launch date targets of the unannounced phones from Samsung including the rumoured Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy S4 Activ (the rugged version of the Galaxy S4) and the Galaxy S4 Zoom (the camera focused variant), in addition to the officially announced Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Mega 6.3 for Europe.

According to the website, the White coloured variant of the Galaxy Mega 5.8 will release in week 20 of this year i.e. between May 13 and 19, while the Black variant will launch between June 17 to 23. The Galaxy Mega 6.3’s Black variant is expected to launch in the week starting May 6, while its White version is expected to launch the week starting May 20.

The report pegs the launch of the Galaxy S4 mini in the week starting July 15 in both White and Black colours. This is in-line with an earlier report that suggested that the Galaxy S4 mini will release in July.

The Galaxy S4 Activ, which is reportedly a ruggedised phone based on the Galaxy S4 platform, is also expected to release in the same week in Metallic Orange colour.

Interestingly, the Galaxy S4 Zoom, a smartphone that has been rumoured to feature a 16-megapixel camera has a target launch date between June 3 and June 9 for the Black variant and June 17 to 23 for the White one. The phone’s existence was revealed just a day back.